School Health / School Nurse

The school nurse provides screening of vision, hearing and development for all Kindy students and or any child commencing school for the first time in Pre Primary and Year 1 on completion of a consent form ( including children that are new to the country).The School Nurse is available for those children that have previously been seen in Kindy or Pre Primary or Year One or any older children that parents and or teachers have concerns with (i.e. The School Nurse can conduct a vision, hearing, and or weight assessment. This form can be obtained by phoning the School Office.

Private Music Tuition

Instrumental music tuition here at OLMC School provides a value - added music component to the Arts Curriculum. Currently our students have access to a drums tutor, a keyboard and piano a teacher, guitar teacher and a vocal coach.

Information regarding instrumental music tuition can be obtained by phoning the School Office

Educational Psychologist Service

OLMC School is fortunate enough to be able to access the services of the Catholic Schools Psychology Service.

The purpose of this psychology service is to provide schools with assistance that will help to optimise student learning and development.

The educational Psychologist is responsible for supporting OLMC School in meeting and liaising with parents, staff and students, identifying those students who may not be learning as expected and assisting staff to implement strategies that might improve both outcomes and opportunities for each of these students.

All applications by staff and parents for access to the Catholic Schools Psychology Service are made in consultation with the School Leadership Team and School Counselor (See Below).

School Counselor

OLMC’s School Counselor, Rebecca Rowland, plays a very important professional and pastoral role in our school and we are extremely fortunate to have this service available to us.

This role involves supporting the Leadership Team and staff to meet the specific needs of students, particularly those who may be experiencing some social or emotional difficulties eg coping with loss; friendship issues; family breakdown etc.

In addition, the School Counselor meets with families to assist them with strategies that may assist them to better manage some family difficulties.

The School Counselor’s Office is located within the main Admin building

Rebecca is here on Thursdays between 9am - 3pm and Fridays between 9 - 11am. Appointments can be made through the school Office on 93377066 or by emailing

Rebecca is unable to meet with a student without the written consent of a parent. (Consent forms are available from the Office). Class teachers may approach parents to discuss granting permission for a student to meet with Rebecca.

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