Here at OLMC we seek to create a respectful enviroment, that enhances learning, nutures our young, and empowers our whole school community to authentically live out the faith that we proclaim.

School Wide Positive Behaviour Policy

The School Wide Positive Behaviour Policy at OLMC School is based on the premise that all members of our community have the right to be treated with respect and courtesy.

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Bullying Behaviour Procedure

Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s pro-active approach to dealing with ‘Bullying Behaviour’ ensures we continue to work towards creating a calm, friendly, safe and supportive environment.

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School Camps and Excursion Policy

Excursions and camps are conducted as an integral part of the educational programme that the College offers and are to reflect both the Catholic and Carmelite Principles upon which the school stands.

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Early Childhood Education and Care Policy

Catholic schools play a vital part in the life of the Church in Western Australia by contributing to the holistic development of our young through education. Early Childhood Education and Care are integral in laying the foundational blocks on which children ‘develop a Gospel vision of themselves and society’ (Mandate paragraph 6).¹

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Religious Education School Policy

‘Religious Education is the first Learning Area in the Catholic school curriculum. This is so because, through a classroom activity, Religious Education is a form of the ministry of the Word. Unlike the other Learning Areas, it is an activity of Evangelisation in its own right.’ (Mandate Letter, 43)

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Justice Education Policy

Catholic schools foster everything good and unifying in society from the perspective of the Gospel. They promote the development of a society which reflects the love and goodness of God, where peace and reconciliation grow along with justice, compassion, mercy and a special commitment to the poor.

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Information and Communication Technology use by Students

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has been introduced into the College predominantly through email and the Internet. The availability of such resources provides the opportunity for the College to help students develop their full potential.

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Selection of Appropriate Texts Policy

Our Lady of Mount Carmel aims to help students integrate culture, faith and life. Culture is valued and Our Lady of Mount Carmel promotes discussion and critical thought. The values and attitudes at Our Lady of Mount Carmel are founded upon the teaching of Jesus Christ. Therefore, the selection of texts is an important and careful process.

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Curriculum Policy

Curriculum is dynamic and includes all the learning experiences provided for the student. It encompasses the learning environment, teaching methods, the resources, the planned experiences provided by schools to facilitate students’ learning, the systems of assessment, the school ethos and the ways in which students and staff behave towards one another.¹

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Aboriginal Education Policy

Aboriginal people are the original inhabitants of Australia. Their cultures are as diverse as the land to which they belong.

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