1:1 iPad Program

At OLMC we believe that:

  • All students can learn and do so in a variety of ways.
  • Meaningful educational technology integration is an essential element to learning in the 21st century.
  • Technology is a tool that is one part of a quality learning process.
  • Other effective pedagogical strategies need to work in conjunction with technology.
  • iPads are neither a substitute nor a replacement for tools we are already using; they are a tool that can be used when they allow for outcomes to be achieved in ways not previously possible.

Why iPads?

The use of iPads in the classroom is designed to complement and enhance the current teaching and learning programs. There are many elements that considered in making the decision including school infrastructure, cost, reliability and the wide range of learning opportunities that are made available.

Device Specifications

For 2022 you will need to ensure that your child has a device that meets the minimum requirements outlined below:

  • Full Size Screen (9.7” or larger).
  • We recommend a minimum of 64GB of storage – this is due to the size of the apps, as well as children wanting to put apps that they use at home. We have found that children who have 32GB or less regularly run out of space and their school apps struggle to run efficiently.
  • An iPad that is capable of running iOS15.

If you were purchasing a new iPad we would recommend the iPad 9th Generation 64GB WiFi.

Purchasing Options

The purchasing of an iPad and accessories is the responsibility of the family for children in Year Four to Year Six in 2022. You may choose to purchase your device through Winthrop Australia. All items are available to be purchased through our BYO iPad Program Website in association with Winthrop Australia https://sales.winaust.com.au/shop/olmc or can be organised to be purchased from a retailer of your choosing.

It is an expectation of all students that they have the following accessories for their device:

  • Sturdy iPad case (Suggestions – STM Goods, Griffin Survivor or Urban Amour Gear)
  • Headphones
  • $50 iTunes Voucher (or link to Family Apple ID) for purchasing apps. A list of apps will be sent to you in 2022.
  • Optional – Keyboard
  • Optional – Pencil

Technical Considerations

Some further technical points to consider:

  • Wireless access at home – this is not essential but to allow the iPad to access the internet at home wireless network is required. This is usually provided by a wireless router. A USB device that provides wireless access to a single computer/laptop will not work with the iPad.
  • An Apple ID will be needed for use with the iPad to download apps. It is recommended that you consider Apple Family Sharing - https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT201088
  • It is the parents’ choice how to back-up the iPad either by connecting to an iCloud account or using iTunes and connecting manually but this need to be done on a fortnightly basis so students work is not lost should something go wrong.
  • Daily charging to be done each night so that students attend school with a fully charged device.

Family Support

We will be running a back-to-school session in the week prior to school commencing. Details will be sent to you via Seesaw. This will allow you to come to the school with your child’s device to ask any questions and to access any support with setup. We will also be running some information sessions in Semester One, 2022 to assist you with some specific skills that may be of assistance with the use of the device.

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